Land Surveying

The very definition of Land Surveying includes the locating, measuring and documenting property lines.  One you retain us for a survey, before we set foot on you property, we completely research your site for all available records on your site and the adjoining properties and rights of way.  Once this is done, we can begin collecting measurements at the site and reviewing that data against the recorded information.  We can then produce a plat which will document the results of the field survey.  Whether your property needs to be surveyed for a land transaction or design, or staked on the ground, McWhorter & Anderson can satisfy your needs.

Land Surveying Services:

• Boundary Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Construction Staking
• As-Built Surveys
• ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
• Final Plats
• GPS related surveys
• Property Line Staking
• Minor Plats